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--03/10/2001 S-Chan
Konnichiwa everyone! Er.. Gomen Ni for not updating I have the flu but don't worry you won't catch *nah really?* Anyways I opended up a section with goodies for your sites! Right now I only made the forever banners if your a differnt anime fan and all you see if DBZ/GT banners in that section it's cause this site is DBZ not any other anime site but you can go to my graphic shop to get stuff or the other graphic shops i'm a co-webmisstress and a staff member of. :) Superstar Raindrop Graphics is open and you HAVE to follow the rules of usage for the forever banners, if you have AIM then you can add me to your buddy list for questions for what graphic stuff I make my graphics in or just to chat queen ruki you should copy and paste it cause there's one space bwtween queen and ruki. Oh onymore thing i'm waiting for bravenet to get back on so I can sign up for it and get a guestbook there, to me Bravenet has one of the best guest book serviuses out there and we can put up a banner for our Gbook so anyways that's all from me Bai! ~S-Chan~

Askitaka/Nigel 3/9/02
Not much to say, just some linx and a few updates,otherwise nothing.
Oh yes,I have a new email adress, it's now and for once ina life time It actually works


ML:::::Don't worry, be sword-happy:::::::11:27 AM:::::3/8/02
~~~Oh ya, baby!! I am still alive!! And Ashitaka is Nige, I think (I got a few emails about that) and Spice Girl Wannabe is Jake, and ML is me, and S-chan is....... S-chan!! Anyhow, content wise, one new link. And otherwise, be expecting updates on Thursdays, perhaps Wednesdays, and Fridays. *Bows down to Mrs. Cone* And I hope to make a journey to All About Books and Comics. Until the next update, ja ne!!

Ashitaka 3/7/02-Inspired...
Hey peeps,whats shakin?Well,unfortunately I can't make another username and stuff on tripod so I guess I'm gonna have to start an HTML site,which I really hate.I was thinking about using expage or something
but I'm not really sure.I guess
 I'll go find something to do on the site,maybe the bios or a new section
for all of those Role Playing fans....
Oh Yeah,BRING IT ON JAKE!!!!!(See what I mean a few updates ago.)

ML::::The great destroyer is back again!!::::2:31 PM:::::3/7/02

~~~I am back........ again. The deal is, Mrs. Cone (my math teacher) is showing her angelic side and not giving us math homework. If this lasts for a while, expect updates on weekdays. But I cant upload anything at school, so just expect new links and yada yada blah. The deal with my internet....well, that's another story. So I call this Cox guy, and after an hour, I acheive nada, and so I call this other computer guy and the deal is that my modem is bad and he will replace it today. So definitly expect an update on Friday. And I added some new links and S-chan, can you get SSL a new guestbook server? We really need a good one. 'Til then, Ja ne!!

Jake::7:35 PM::3-6-02::PO-ed
Yep,I'm mad.O well,don't get nervous.I like what I say.And if anyone would like to fight me(except Lizzy,she'd beat me up,)BRING IT ON!But otherwise,ok... More news,I'm gonna put some bios up here.
Ja ne!!!
Jake Enkai
(dude that loves his diamondbacks visor)

I AM ALIVE!!!:::ML:::11:08 AM:::3/6/02 ~~Yes, I AM ALIVE!! I am updating this at school, during study hall *looks around for librarian* ANyhow, my internet is busted.We are going to move to AOL permantly. In the meantime, I hope you can bare with me. Expect updates in Wenesdays or Fridays. No content update here, but thanks for all of ur stuff and yada yada.PLEAZ BARE WITH ME!! Ja ne!!

Also I added a super rare bio on Goku Jr. and I added a bio for Vegeta.


2/3/02  Ashitaka
As Jake lectured last night I agree with your philosophy...but we need to worry about the site,if you come here daily,hourly,minuetely,etc. I salute you,I would rather have people visit frequently rather than someone that casually comes to visit the site and looks for about a minute then gets bored,we need to improve to make the site more interesting,I also added about 20 gifs or so.i am also thinkin about addind a secvtion that tells all about all of the special moves in DBZ.
See Ya later,or should I say Ja Ne
"There's one thing a Saiyan never loses...their pride!!!!" -Vegeta

3/1/02Spice Girl Wanabe
Hey,this is Jake Enkai.You didn't think me being on here...Well,I'm back and better that ever.I'm now not an idiot.But,times change,and so does the internet.My new aim name is moocowjake if anyone wants to know.My new e-mail is
Jake AKA Goku!
PS:21 new gifs in our gallery!
03/01/02 Ashitaka
Hey everyone,I haven't updated for a while so I decided to do so today.But there ain't much to say, I'm thinking about making a SSL 2.0,but I'm not sure yet,I'll have to get in touch with evceryone else.So It may not be up and running until Summer.
PS:Oh yeah,my new name on the site is Ashitaka,check out the banner below.


--02/11/2002's me S-Chan I just finshed making some mini banners and buttons in the "our banners section!" :D Um..I hope you all took some time to read that sad note by Jake! I mean I don't really know him but i'm not happy :( that he's leaving *sighs* I hope he comes back soon!! :) So that's all from me buh-bai!

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